Changemakers are at the heart of YABB. We believe there is change making capability in all of us, waiting to be unleashed. We are here to unlock the change-making power in us and catalyze existing changemakers so that together, we can create a meaningful and sustainable impact.

We define Changemakers as individuals or a group of people who respond well to a variety of situations by using the power of Collaboration, Agility and Resilience. They don’t just survive, but also thrive. To bounce back and bounce forward for their well-being and the betterment of the Indonesian society.

Enabling Changemakers
to Create Impact

People who go beyond donation and
volunteering, and are committed to:
1 Creating new creative solutions
2 Challenging the status quo
3 Creating systemic change



Indonesia has birthed amazing changemakers. And we need more. We believe there are
many more changemakers in Indonesia than we are aware of. We are looking for individuals
who are committed to continue to make an impact for society and the environment.

Combatting bullying and violence against children in the education system, she creates a new power dynamic among parents, teachers, and other key stakeholders to empower and nurture children to become empathetic leaders.

Tackling the issue of coastal waste to support the circular economy, he builds youth organization aim to empower coastal and urban communities.

Creating new generation of tech talent, he develops young people to become resilient, agile, and highly competitive tech talents through formal and informal training.

Let’s identify 5000 Indonesian
Changemakers, known and unknown
so that we can learn and spread
inspiration across Indonesia!

Nominate Changemakers here!