We live in the era of being given many chances and opportunities to thrive as individuals or in a community. But, many people still can't have the chance and the right mindset to move forward and be better. Technology that is made for the greater good isn't yet availed and used by every person.


BersamaBISAcerdas (Bangun Inspirasi, Sikap, Akhlak, dan Cerdas) is a flagship program from YABB to help elementary, junior, and senior high school students who are the most vulnerable to endure distance learning during the pandemic. The program provided tablets to students, monthly internet stipend, as well as monthly support to assist in their learning experience. To further refine their learning journey and develop their mindsets in line with necessary 21st century skills, we provided support in the form of mentors and professional facilitators throughout the program.


Bhinneka Lab understands that Indonesia needs more Changemakers so we can leapfrog our country‚Äôs well-being. We catalyze the creation of Indonesian Changemakers by studying, defining and measuring unique mindset and traits of Indonesian Changemakers to then create science backed, innovative and technology based tools and products to help every Indonesian to thrive (the ability to bounce back and bounce forward). We believe that anyone can be a changemaker, despite of their background life situations. 

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